Peer-reviewers Register

MusiQuE works with a pool of competent review and accreditation experts in the field of higher music education, listed in the MusiQuE Peer-reviewers Register.

Admission procedure

Interested individuals who meet the requirements (see Criteria for acceptance on the register) and are willing to act as peer-reviewers for Quality Enhancement Reviews, accreditation processes and joint collaborative reviews are asked to fill in the Template for Peer-reviewers and send it in word format to the MusiQuE staff ( Applications can be submitted by 1 March 2019.
Template for Peer-reviewers Download

The MusiQuE Board will yearly advertise across the AEC, EMU and Pearle* memberships for new individuals to come forward to be considered for inclusion on the Register. MusiQuE can also recruit outside AEC, EMU and Pearle* memberships if a certain competence not otherwise available is needed.

All profiles will be considered by the MusiQuE Board during its Spring meeting.

The Board will evaluate the suitability of the applicant’s profile based on the criteria mentioned above as well as on the needs of maintaining a balanced register (e.g. in terms of gender, geographical spread, languages spoken, etc.).

Applicants will be informed about the decision reached by the Board by email within three weeks after its meeting.