External quality assurance

External evaluator report

An external evaluator is appointed by the MusiQuE Board to review material documenting MusiQuE’s activity, and especially the annual report. The evaluator should be independent of the operations of MusiQuE and may come from within or outside the music education sector.

The external evaluator is appointed for 2 years, and is in charge of producing an annual evaluation report with comments addressed to the Board. Where relevant, the annual report produced in the following year by the Board will make reference to recommendations from the previous external evaluator’s report and how these have been addressed.

The first ‘external evaluator’s report’ covering 2016 takes into consideration part of the evolution and modification that MusiQuE has gone through and highlights important progress in the further development of MusiQuE’s range of activities.

The first evaluation report completed by MusiQuE’s external evaluator, Mr. Stefan Delplace, has now been made publicly available for download below.
MusiQuE External Evaluator Report                 2016

External review report

MusiQuE is recognised by and listed on the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR). To gain this recognition, MusiQuE has undergone an external review by international experts in July 2015 as part of its application process.

The results of the review are described in an External Review Report. In brief, the report shows MusiQuE to be fully or substantially compliant with most of the standards used, except one standard with which MusiQuE is judged to be partially compliant.

The full External Review Report has now been made publicly available for download below.
MusiQuE External Review Report                 2015

The decision of the EQAR Register Committee has been published here.