Quality assurance support desk for institutions

As a complement to the procedures operated by MusiQuE, its staff and experts also provide targeted advice on quality assurance procedures to higher music education institutions. The main ‘portal’ to this advice is the MusiQuE Quality Assurance Support Desk. For most of the year, this exists in ‘virtual’ form as a space on the MusiQuE website for submitting by email a specific query. The MusiQuE Office can offer specific guidance in relation to MusiQuE tools/guidelines (including the MusiQuE Standards) and, where appropriate, will provide references to sources on internal and external quality assurance. The MusiQuE Office can also organise, on request, a preparatory visit to explain how an institution can apply for a review undertaken by reviewers from the MusiQuE peer-reviewers Register.
Finally, the MusiQuE Quality Assurance Support Desk is available in concrete form at the AEC’s Annual Congress and, by request, at the annual meetings of EMU and Pearle*. Delegates can bring their inquiries directly to MusiQuE Board and Office in a face-to-face interaction, which can then be followed up by email, etc. if necessary.