Nomination of a Board member in 2017

There will be one vacant seat on MusiQuE Board from November 2017 onwards, reserved for a student. Board members are nominated for 3 years with the possibility of renewing their term once (i.e. for a maximum of 6 years). 

Criteria for the nomination of the student member of the Board

Students nominated by AEC member institutions should:
  • Be enrolled on a master’s or (ideally) a doctoral programme in an AEC member institution
  • Be involved in the student association/union/other equivalent body in their institution and, as a result, be experienced in representing other students in decision-making processes
  • Be proficient in English (minimum C1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages)
  • Be critical, solution-oriented and open-minded to various perspectives and methods
  • Ideally, have been involved in reviewing institutions or programmes (at national or international level)
  • Ideally, have had experience abroad (project, course, ERASMUS year, etc.) during their studies
  • Not be involved in the AEC Student Working Group

Application process

Candidates for the MusiQuE Board are asked to send their application to the AEC office by email ( by September 28th, 2017.

The application consists of:

1. a CV
2. a 1-page motivation letter addressed to the AEC Council explaining the reasons why they wish to become a MusiQuE Board member and demonstrating how their profile meets the criteria
3. a letter of recommendation signed by the legal representative of the AEC member institution nominating them

Nomination process

  • October 2017: all applications will be studied by the AEC Council, which will prepare a draft recommendation for the MusiQuE Board, including a list of candidates by order of preference 
  • November 2017: the AEC General Assembly will be asked to endorse this recommendation, both in terms of the names put forward and the order of preference 
  • December 2017: the MusiQuE Board will receive the result of the AEC General Assembly endorsement process and will select the successful candidate following a Skype meeting
  • January 2018: the successful applicant and AEC Council will be informed of the outcome and the new representative takes up his/her place on the Board.
Please note that a balanced geographical representation and gender balance are sought in the composition of the Board, and that applications from students from Southern Europe as well as from female students are particularly welcome.